Justice Ventures International Volunteer Projects

Justice Ventures International Volunteer Projects

September 2016

Below is a listing of the open projects that we currently have available for volunteers at Justice Ventures International. If you are interested in a specific project, contact JVI’s Volunteer Coordinator, Emily Mathew, at volunteer@justiceventures.org with your resume. You will then receive a follow-up email and more information about how to sign up for your desired project and what the project will entail. Thank you for your interest in using your talents and time to partner with JVI in our work to seek freedom, justice and restoration for the poor and oppressed. We really appreciate it!


Communication Projects

  • Writing and Editing Shop for Freedom Campaign Marketing Materials.

This project will use your skills in writing to create an interesting but brief monthly sales email to attract customers to visit the SFF online store and buy regular and discounted freedom products

  • Review JVI Website 

This project will use your editing skills to review our website and links

  • Social Media Marketing

Expand JVI and Shop for Freedom on various social media platforms – We want more people to know about our work. Use your skills to increase page likes by posting inspiring quotes, trafficking statistics, updates on SFF events as well as online store sales.

  • Maintain Shop for Freedom Website

This project will use your skills to maintain the look of our online store and keep it updated.

  • Generate Shop for Freedom Online Sales Mass Emails

This project will use your skills in writing to create an interesting but brief sales email to attract customers to visit the SFF online store and buy regular and discounted freedom products.


Graphic Design Projects

  • Videography: Create videos from raw material (Video Clips, Photographs)
  • Print/Online Graphic Design Projects
    • Come up with graphic design concepts and create designs for communications, online (website, presentations) and print (flyers, brochures) These materials will be for JVI at large and also for JVI’s Shop for Freedom Campaign

Legal Projects.

  • Legal Advocacy Manual – Work with lawyers in India to develop a general framework of law on broad rights that help the poor access their rights.
  • Research Anti- Human Trafficking Laws in Nepal
  • Research & identify any anti-human trafficking organizations in Nepal & Bangladesh.
  • Research/Survey on how effective legal organizations are working in India to help prisoners.
  • Other Legal Projects – As needs arise, there are more legal projects in the works. Let us know if you are interested and available.

Research Projects

  • Research on technology uses to fight human trafficking
    • Research present applications to enhance JVI’s mission
    • Make Recommendations on how JVI can use technology to enhance our work.
  • Fundraising Research

JVI is seeking individuals who are passionate for the work of justice and freedom, who will seek out funding/grant opportunities for the expansion of work of restoration.

    • Expand JVI’s capacity by increasing revenue through fundraising and grant writing research.
    • Tap into personal & professional networks for leads
    • Ask donors for references & recommendations
    • Write grant proposals
    • Fundraising Innovation: generate a list of fundraising campaigns that donors can execute (e.g., donations to JVI in lieu of birthday or wedding gifts).
    • Note: Multiple people can be assigned this project
    • Time Commitment:2-5 hours/week
  • Bi-weekly updates on Chinese news
    • JVI wants a bi-weekly email update with news articles (in English) on migrants and trafficking in China.

Networking and Fundraising Projects

  • Race for Freedom – We need volunteers to help us
    • Host the run in other cities
    • Logistics in setting up a 5k (Cincinnati, OH on November 19,2016)
      • Banners / Yard Signs (graphic design experience will help)
      •  Securing food and water donations
      •  Marketing (through social media /contacting running clubs and groups to list the race on calendars, if the person is local they could canvas various neighborhoods / businesses)
      •  Prizes / awards – helping to collect raffle prize donations from businesses (would be helpful if this person is local to Cincinnati)
      •  Researching / possible coordinating a Cincinnati based company to manage the 5K timing
      •  Volunteering on November 19 at the event itself (registration tables / water stations / set-up & clean-up / food service, etc.)
  • Crowd-funding Coordinator for JVI
    • Use your marketing and business skills to promote the mission of JVI to bring freedom, justice and restoration to the oppressed in India and China, through different fundraising campaigns.
  • Develop community fundraising campaigns for JVI.
    • Do you have a knack of getting people together for an event? What if you could do it for justice? Help us raise awareness about the injustice of slavery and trafficking.
  • Research events and conferences that would help promote JVI

Look for opportunities that would allow JVI to exhibit, to teach/speak, such as:

  • Coordinate and organize logistics for events and conferences
    • Lend organizational support in participating in these events/conferences:
      • Coordinate logistics; travel, booth/exhibit materials
      • Staff booth at these events

Sales Projects

  • Custom Sales Development

Explore your networks for opportunities to encourage custom bags and t-shirts to support JVI’s freedom business partner, Freeset.  Research and pursue potential leads and procedures for working with them on a custom order.  JVI’s Shop for Freedom can provide talking points for making the sale and FAQs.   We will also process the order, once secured.  Examples of potential customers include:

  • community organizations
  • Justice-minded churches and individual ministries
  • women’s organizations
  • conference/event planners
  • sports clubs, supermarkets
  • restaurants (e.g. Chipotle; restaurants that use t-shirts as uniforms).
  • Note it is most effective when you reach out to your existing network of contacts (e.g., your church, community swim team, your local school PTA).
  • Host A Freedom Party

Increase  JVI’s Shop for Freedom’s sales through hosting a Freedom Party in your home.  Proceeds ensure freedom for survivors of sex trafficking in India and China, as well as increase awareness of this severe injustice.  Your efforts will also support JVI’s anti-trafficking work in the field.

Once a date is set, JVI’s Shop for Freedom will send you a host packet including information and resources you need to have a successful event. The packet contains DVDs, talking points, FAQs, price lists and around 50 freedom products.  Also included are forms to process sales.

As a Freedom Party Host you will:

  1. Invite friends, family and co-workers to your Party.
  2. At the Party, share information and stories about trafficking in India and China using the Talking Points Sheet and the included DVDs.
  3. Display sample merchandise for guests to order.
  4. Collect the guests’ orders, cash and checks.
  5. Return unsold merchandise and proceeds to JVI’s Shop for Freedom
  • Recruit and help organize Freedom Parties in your area
    • Recruit and mobilize other volunteers to host Freedom Parties in their homes.   Reach out to personal networks and share how they can join the fight against trafficking by hosting a Freedom Party.  Coach hosts on how to run a successful party, answer questions and encourage the volunteer.  Assist with logistics and communications as needed.
  • Coordinate/Research Opportunities for a Shop for Freedom Event

Increase awareness of JVI’s work and secure greater freedom for women once captive to the sex trade by researching existing fairs, trade shows and conferences at which SFF can sell its freedom products. Represent SFF at these fairs and trade shows.  You may also choose to coordinate an event yourself and host a SFF table at a church or community organization.

    • Staff booth and sell merchandise (SFF will supply the merchandise)
    • Represent SFF and JVI using the Event Materials available through SFF
    • If coordinating your own event, JVI can be contacted about providing a speaker or videos to explain the issue of trafficking.
  • Retail/Wholesale market research & representation

Research and pursue opportunities for JVI’s Shop for Freedom to sell Freeset products wholesale to retail stores.  We will provide a toolkit including talking points, FAQs, marketing overview sheets, price guides and POS materials.

  • Draw upon personal networks and stores you frequent in your community
  • Possibilities include boutique stores, bookstores and wineries.

Connect with community organizations, student organizations, churches, or other nonprofit entities to see if they might want to purchase freedom products at wholesale (50% of retail) and sell to fundraise for their respective causes.  Organization keeps all the profits.


Special Projects

  • Translate Hindi Documents into English

As JVI staff are able to make Hindi documents/reports available, help translate them into English.

  • Translate Mandarin documents into English

As JVI staff are able to make Mandarin documents/reports available, help translate them into English.


 Administrative Projects

  • General JVI Administrative Work.  Help JVI with general administrative tasks for approximately 5 hours per week on an ongoing basis by working from the JVI office in Maryland.


Staff Development

  • Biblical Leadership Skills – JVI seeks pastors, ministries to develop Training for senior leadership from the book of Nehemiah.


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